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Sleek, vintage inspired design for the modern golfer.

Who are we?

My name is Tyler McDaniel, and I started Tyler Golf Bags because I was not completely satisfied with the golf bags currently offered on the market. I found that the bags did not live up to my requirements when it came to looks or were out of my price range. I developed Tyler Golf Bags for golfers like me who want a little more out of their bag but are not able to pay the ultra-premium rates. Join me as we continue to give everything we have seeking to develop the perfect golf bag!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a custom order?

Yes! Custom orders are open to ANYONE and are available in orders as small as 1 and large enough for any outing/retail location imaginable.

Do your bags fit 14 clubs?

How did you design your original Sunday Bag?

Having carried a full set for years, we always thought there could be more style and customization offered in the golf bag space. Originally motivated by Mackenzie and Seamus golf, we decided to make our own carry bag and do it with a super simple design.

We value feedback and constructive criticism as much as anything and continue look to take feedback from customers as well as other credible sources in golf.

What is typical lead time for a custom order?

Unless the order size is over 100 units, we offer a 4-8 week lead time on all of our wholesale products.